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AIPS Fellows 1980-81

Begley, Wayne E. - University of Iowa

Field: History
Project Title: Mughal Architecture During the Period of Shah Jahan
Affiliated Institution: University of the Punjab
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral

Eickmeier, Janiee L. - Michigan State University

Field: Anthropology
Project Title: The Unani System of Medicine in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Tibbia College , Lahore
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral

Korson, J. Henry - University of Massachusetts

Field: Sociology
Project Title: Modernization in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Quaid-I-Azam University
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral

Wentink, Linda J. - University of Arizona

Field: Berkeley Urdu Language Program
Affiliated Institution: Berkeley Urdu Program
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral