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Conferences & Workshops in Pakistan 2007-2008

Pakistan in the Current Global (Dis)order: Perspectives from the Social Sciences

14th-16th December 2007

Lahore School of Management Sciences (LUMS)

This conference re-addressed some of the weaknesses in the current status of knowledge and discourse on Pakistan by going beyond intelligence and media concerns and exploring a broad range of themes related to globalization and transnationalism, and also to the national civil society.

The aim to initiate an appropriately grounded academic discussion on the state of Pakistan and its communities, and placed the issue of religion in proper perspective by addressing other critical problems facing Pakistan today.

We hosted panels and invited papers related especially to the following themes:
The politics and economics of structural reform
The new contestations of urban space
The past and future of social movements
The terrain of global versus local culture
The role of media and Academia
The role of Islam vis-a-vis the Pakistani state and society

Conference on the "Leaders of Pakistan Movement"

The National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, Centre of Excellence, Quaid i Azam University, Islamabad in collaboration with International Islamic University, Islamabad organized a two-day conference on "Leaders of Pakistan Movement" from April 7-8, 2008 at the International Islamic University in Islamabad. Leading scholar professor Sharif al Mujahid gave the key note address while Dr. M. Qasim Jan (Vice Chancellor, Quaid i Azam University, Islamabad) presided the conference. Notable scholars on Pakistan movement presented papers on Pakistan's founding leaders during the conference in Islamabad. 

National Conference on "Economic Challenges Being Faced by Pakistan"

The two day National Conference on Economic Challenges Faced by Pakistan was arranged and held on June 2-3, 2008 by the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI).

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